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Phone: +48 12 294 53 53 or
+48 780 151 746

The Hotel has 300 meters in total of conference and catering facilities which include two conference rooms and two dining rooms.

For conference participants the screen, projector, flipchart and sound system are provided.

Our conference rooms are perfect option for business meetings, seminars and training for both - the smaller ones for 20 - 40 people and the larger ones up to 100 people.

The hotel has also gastronomic facilities so participants can use either basic coffee break and lunch or dinner.

To meet the expectations of our guests we can offer a variety of menus regarding the preferences of vegetarians and people on a diet.

Tables and chairs can be arranged in theater style, school or horseshoe.

Prices for conference services and catering at the Hotel Grottger are always discussed individually to meet the best expectations and requirements of our guests and customers.

To get more details about our conference and catering services please contact us by phone at +48 12 294 53 53 or send us an email to:

Regards and hope to see you at Grottger Hotel