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We invite you to take advantage of a wide range of tours around Cracow. Each of these can be booked at the reception in our hotel. Almost every trip in price includes a tour guide who takes you directly from the hotel, guides to the most interesting places and delivered back to the hotel. Tours are organized in eight different languages.


Here are some of them:


Auschwitz-Birkenau 135 PLN

A seven-hour trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum, which was built in the thirties of the twentieth century Nazi concentration camp at Oswiecim.


Wieliczka Salt Mine 140 PLN 

Visit in the historic Wieliczka Salt Mine in the small, nearby town. On-site 800 steps to overcome to descend to a depth of 135 meters below ground, to see carved in salt chamber, lakes, majestic design and unique salt sculptures. Nearly three-kilometer walk deep into the earth.


Krakow in one day 65 PLN

Electric bumper car trip with a guide Krakow. It covers up to 58 historical sites including the old city, the Jewish district of Kazimierz and the famous and historic factory Shindler.


We offer also Czestochowa, Zakopane, Krakow at night, and many others.


We invite you.